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Sustainable Shipping Envelopes for Handmade Beeswax Wraps

Introducing locally made, environmentally friendly envelopes for sustainable beeswax wrap shipping.

Before, when 13" beeswax wraps were shipped, the top of the handmade beeswax wrap had to be folded a bit to fit into envelope. I didn't love this and wanted to find a solution. I believe in looking around as you grow and set out to find a local solution that considered (even benefitted) the environment. Now, Hive to Home's handmade beeswax wraps (2"-13") are able to lay flat during shipping. Thanks to Greenii for providing Hive to Home with sustainable shipping envelopes for the beeswax wraps!

Greenii is located in Nova Scotia, and is a minority council certified supplier. You can read about how Purush created Greenii on here.

Greenii uses paper that are misprints or are otherwise destined to become waste or recycled, and gives them a second purpose. From his website, he says he sources the raw paper by partnering with "local libraries in Halifax, Nova Scotia and flyers distributors in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Ontario" and papers used "are very clean, either its gently used or never used before. Some of the flyers are printed by the local printing companies but never used or touched by the public. We follow a strict protocol to collect from reliable sources. Once its picked its hand cleaned without any chemicals."

Greenii quickly provided custom size envelopes, which means the tops of wraps won't be folded when shipped!!

There are many wins with this change to new envelopes:

  • Supporting a locally owned business (Greenii) and entrepreneur who employs new immigrants and women

  • Giving the paper a second purpose (maybe even a third because you could reuse the envelope too!)

  • Wraps that are 13" can lay flat in the envelope and the top of the wrap does not need to be folded to fit into the envelope.

  • Diverting paper from being recycled or trashed.

  • Hive to Home's packaging is minimal and intentional. Adding Greenii's envelopes as an option fits authentically.

If you're interested in beeswax wraps be sure to check out the shop.

Beeswax Wraps in a news paper envelope

beeswax wraps in a news paper envelope

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