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A New Face at Hive to Home

Hi, Hive to Home readers!

My name is Lizzy Hanna (she/her), and I’m pleased to introduce myself as Hive to Home’s new communications coordinator! I’m a fourth-year student at Dalhousie University’s College of Sustainability (also Chelsey’s alma mater) and I’m completing a double major in sustainability and philosophy. This semester I’ll be joining Chelsey via the College’s engagement project course (SUST 3002, for those who are interested). The course connects sustainability students with local organizations and businesses (and alumni!) to provide out of classroom experience with sustainability projects and challenges.

This winter I’ll be assisting Chelsey in creating blog/website content and a social media strategy. We’re interested in growing HTH while maintaining a non-greenwashing, information-based, engagement focused approach to marketing and communicating with customers and community members. With the bombardment of content and information that comes from the digital sphere, accompanied with our dwindling attention spans, we’re developing strategies to spread information about the challenges and opportunities facing our local waste system and provide more people with a single-use alternative. It’s about beeswax wraps and a whole lot more.

The communications niche of the sustainability world has peaked my interested in recent years. I work as the College of Sustainability’s communications intern, a position where I’ve been able to interact and coordinate with student groups and projects, interview leading communicators and writers in the climate change communication realm and compile a weekly reading list for content about the climate crisis. This year, I’m doing an honours research project about the tensions between ethical and effective communication of climate science to the public. How do we keep people engaged in the topic of climate change and sustainability? How do we convey the science and uncertainties to a population with limited attention span and emotional capacity for bad news? These are questions I’m grappling with in my thesis, through my work at the College and now with Chelsey at Hive to Home.

I’m excited to be here and working with Chelsey this winter – and thanks to the College of Sustainability for enabling these connections. Keep this tab bookmarked as we’ll have loads of new content and resources available in the coming months.

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