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EVERY wrap contains two ingredients, and the third is up to you.


Each handcrafted Hive to Home beeswax wrap is made with: 


You can choose whether you'd like pine resin in your beeswax wrap.


Looking to cut your beeswax wrap to the size you need? 

A roll of Hive to Home beeswax wrap is perfect! Use Hive to Home handmade beeswax wraps to cover fruit, veggies, cheese, casserole dishes, bowls, bowls with rising dough, bowls with left overs, plates, and MUCH more. 


Beeswax wraps are a reusable and renewable alternative to single use plastics, tinfoil, and baggies, Beeswax wraps avoid the waste, doin't shed micro plastics (because they don't contain plastic), and are made from renewable resources. They are hard to hurt, easy to care for and store, reduce food waste and last for a long time.


Hive to Home's beeswax wraps are made with beeswax from Nova Scotian farmers, 100% cotton, and package free jojoba oil.


The roll of Hive to Home beeswax wrap is 14" wide, you choose the length. Cutting the wrap with pinking scissors or a pinking rotary cutter can help prevent fraying. If you are cutting the wrap with straight scissors, consider cutting a wavy line rather than a straight line. Fraying rarely happens, and a non-straight cut can help to prevent it. 



  • Patterns / colours vary.
  • No two wraps are identical because they are made by hand.
  • If you do have a colour or theme preference, please make a note.

Roll of Handmade Beeswax Wrap

  • Care

    Check out care instructions here

    Check out how to use wraps here.

    Check out beeswax wrap ingredients here. 

  • About

    Questions about Hive to Home's beeswax wraps? Check out these FAQ.

  • 5% of Each Sale is Donated

    Each month, Hive to Home donates 5% of sales to a Nova Scotian beekeeping group, society, or community garden. The inaugural recipient, from Chelsey’s alma mater, is the Dalhousie Beekeeping Society (DBS). Read more here.

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    Products are typically shipped within 3-5 business days. Shipping is free and products are shipped with Canada Post. Delivery time varies based on Canada Post.

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