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Care Card

Updated: Mar 11

With every Hive to Home NS beeswax food wrap comes a care card. Here is what the card says:

Handmade in Nova Scotia with beeswax from Nova Scotia





Sustainable, renewable, environmentally friendly alternative to plastic. Use them instead of plastic wrap, baggies, and some plastic containers.

Made with jojoba oil & Nova Scotian beeswax that gives the wraps a fresh yellow tint.

Use the warmth of your hands to form the wrap; scrunching them up first helps. Or fold them around food and use the string to hold the wrap in place.

When the wraps become tired they can be rewaxed or use them as reusable kitchen wipes.

Safe for the fridge or left out.

Avoid direct hear & raw meat. Wipe with room temp / cold water and mild soap.

These wraps were made fo you by: Chelsey

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