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CUA Community Investment Grant Recipients Announced

Hive to Home was one of NINE small businesses to win..... a Community Investment Grant from CUA!

259 applicants

27 total recipients

9 small businesses


The grant will allow Hive to Home to become more efficient by purchasing an electric commercial table top griddle. This piece of equipment will allow me to wax wraps 93% faster.


Producing the same quality beeswax wraps, with the same amazing local ingredients, will mean more wraps available, shorter waiting times, and less single use items used. More beeswax wraps positively impacts our environment and our health.

Here is a little about Hive to Home's initiative and the change this investment will make:

A struggle of being a single person business is wearing many hats. A commercial table top griddle will allow me to use my time more efficiently. Making beeswax wraps more efficiently will impact the business as a whole. In increasing the efficiency of waxing, I will be able to reduce wait times for orders, continue to grow Hive to Home, and be better positioned in my business.

Producing more beeswax wraps will mean purchasing more supplies. An uncompromising value of Hive to Home is to purchase beeswax from Nova Scotian farmers, and to source as many of our ingredients as local as possible. As we grow, those purchasing powers grow too. We will be proud to increase our orders through these suppliers. I take great pride in supporting locally owned businesses. Getting to know the amazing makers and producers of this province, and being able to support them, in any capacity, has been a dream come true.

Being able to increase my production of beeswax wraps has positive environmental impacts; from consuming less electricity, to reducing food waste, to continuing to educate and replace single use items. Each beeswax wrap can be reused; I have used mine for years. Using a reusable covering like a beeswax wraps helps to alleviate the environmental impact of producing single use coverings, it eases the collection / sorting/ disposal of single use coverings, and the environmental impact of littering. Single use items are often sourced from non-renewable sources, are single use, and are destined for the landfill, as litter, or sold on the commodity market to be recycled. Beeswax wraps are reusable, can be rewaxed, and are make from renewable sources.

Read more about the amazing local recipients here: CUA Awards $100,000 in Community Grants . Thank you CUA!

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