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Weekend Round Up - April 4, 2022

Beeswax Wraps, Plants, Birds.

Beeswax wraps are great gifts/prizes/handouts for events like baby showers, professional training sessions, real estate house closing boxes, gift baskets, raffle baskets for fundraisers, group buys, and much more. Sets of wraps range from $5 upwards and are very customizable. If you’re looking to do a large order with a quick turn around please contact us!

Beeswax Wraps

I’m currently working on an order for a returning customer and here’s their feedback about their first (large) order:

“All our participants have loved your wraps!” - 75 sets with three wraps in each set and they loved them. Know what I love? Hearing that and the environmental impact they’re choosing to make. Think of the cumulative difference they’re making in reducing single use items but reusing beeswax wraps. Here is some of this weekend’s work:

A few months ago I purchased fabric the length of two football fields and am just now using some of the fabric for the first time. I love how the beige flowers turned out. The golden tint of the beeswax looks perfect on them.

Instagram followers chose from three 6” wraps to complete the last set. Here were the options:


Beige with gold plants!


So that’s how it went.


It’s snowing today but the plants are ✨busy✨.

The weekend started with a plant yeeting itself right off the shelf and onto the floor.

”Do you ever feel like a plastic bag floating in the wind?” 🎶

🎤 no…

”Do you ever feel like a plant laying on the floor?” 🎶

🎤 yes.

Aside from my Dieffenbachia on the floor, I finished decorating a plant shelf in the living room. It also features a cross stitch from Hook, Line & Tinker. The two Pothos on the white shelf are pushing new growth constantly. What an happy little plant.

My Goldfish plant, Flamingo Flower, Raphi Tetrasperma, Fiddle Leaf Fig, Heartleaf Philodendron, and Golden Pothos are also putting out new growth. You just know the air in here is ✨crisp✨.

Emerald Ripple Peperomia cuttings rooted and are now in soil. They remind me of bacon.


Sunday’s weather was so nice and I took full advantage. I sat on the front deck and listened to the birds. I also played a cardinal call on youtube in hopes of attracting one 🤞. There is more birdsong around our house as times goes by and I think because construction is complete in the area the birds are returning.

Here’s some birds for you too

Final Thought

The same worms 🪱 appear on different continents. Different continents separated by 🌊oceans🌊. Things you learn when you read a book about earthworms.

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