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What's the buzz about beeswax, and other great puns.

Just kidding. One pun was enough to suffer through.

Why beeswax? •Beeswax has a lengthy history of being used for preservation of food (and people. In Egypt beeswax was used in embalming and mummification!). •Beeswax has antibacterial / antimicrobial properties against several bacterial strains and against yeast. •Beeswax is often used in food packaging: protecting some cheeses during the seasoning or as edible coverage. •Beeswax is breathable, smells delightful, and is a renewable alternative to plastic wraps and containers. The beeswax used in Hive to Home wraps is sourced from the longest running farmers’ market in North America and comes from a farm, Cosman and Whidden, which is located in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia.

•The beeswax gives a yellow tint to the wraps because it is not bleached, and if you ask me I think that’s alright. Here is a list of the peer reviewed and published sources where I found this information:

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