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Weekend Round Up - May 16, 2022

100 Hours Outside, Books As Usual, Waste Chats

First of all, let me age myself and give you a giggle with this memory that popped up (and personally attacked me) this weekend:

"I need 3 songs downloaded. Frostwire doesn't seem to have them. Can anyone help, please?"

100 Hours Outside

Our goal of spending 1000 hours outside is slowly becoming a realistic goal. We've now spent 100 outside outside since January 2, 2022. It's been much easier to spend time outside lately than it was in January/February. These days we can easy bank four hours / day. Our goal of 1000 comes from https://www.1000hoursoutside.com . Here's what I've consistently noticed since focusing on and spending more time outside:

  • As a family we brainstorm, discuss, research and suggest ideas for getting outside. It's become a new fascination. Isn't that funny. Being outside feels new. Maybe that reflects how disconnected we were for a while there. How complacent. How busy. Going outside feels slow. It slows down the day and gives pause.

  • We are sleeping better. We're more tired, which is both great and hard haha.

  • We share our experiences outside with friends. Nature walk alone? Great. Nature walk with forest friends? Super great.

  • We have learned so much. We've researched plants, moss, trees, soil (vs dirt), bugs, trails, weather systems, and much more.

This weekend we ventured to Crystal Crescent beach. There was so much sea glass! Pictured are only a few of my finds. Then we ventured to The Dingle and hiked to the Frog Pond. The trail systems in there are amazing.

Books As Usual

Would you believe I didn't finish a book this week?

I'm still on The Eight Master Lesson's of Nature and I'm about to start Three Day's Road for bookclub. Hopefully by next Monday I'll have finished one!

Waste Chats.

Last week on Instagram, we talked about:

  • strawberries

  • plastic broccoli bag from Costco

  • plastic clothes hanger (broken)

  • English muffin bag

  • floor sweepings

  • strawberries - compost bin

  • plastic broccoli bag from Costco - it stretched when I tried to put my thumbs through it so I put it in the plastic recycling bin (blue bag)

  • plastic clothes hanger (broken) - garbage, broken or unbroken it's garbage.

  • English muffing bag - plastic recycling bin (blue bag)

  • Floor sweepings - garbage

I made broth from a chicken we had picked over. The post was simmering on the stove for the day and the house smelled wonderful. I reused mason jars to bottle up the broth, let them cool, and put them in the freezer. I can't stress it enough - please leave space at the top of the jar and let the broth cool before putting it into the freezer.

One time I put like 10 HOT FILLED TO THE TOP bottles with caps TIGHTENED in my freezer. The freezer was above the fridge, which is important to note when you picture every single bottle exploding in the freezer. Bam. Total loss on the broth. Huge mess. 10/10 would hate that experience for you.

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