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Weekend Round Up - May 10, 2022

Books As Usual, Waste Chats, Hennigar's,

I kicked this weekend off with a brisk 10 km walk around Long Lake, finished a book, started a book, and saw goats.

Books as Usual

I finished The Hidden Life of Trees: what they feel, how they communicate : discoveries from a secret world by Peter Wohlleben. I loved this book. I loved it when I read the first 50% on my Kindle, and I loved it when I listened to it on Libby. What an opportunity we have to see, connect, and learn from nature. Trees communicate, tell time, have memory, know their young, respond to pain and predators, and rely on each other. I found myself staring at trees (more than usual) while reading this book. I listened to it slowly, sipping it.

Next is The Eight Master Lessons of Nature: What Nature Teaches Us about Living Well in the World by Gary Ferguson. I've just only started it but an enjoying the lightheartedness of it so far.

Waste Chats


My favourite part.

I like all of this, but waste. Yeah. That's it.

Last week on Instagram, we talked about:

- waste hierarchy

- paper bag from baked good take out

- paper clips on bread bags

- cans (canned food)

- plastic bag (from pasta)

Waste hierarchy - "Waste hierarchy is a tool used in the evaluation of processes that protect the environment alongside resource and energy consumption from most favourable to least favourable actions".

Basically it puts order to priorities products / waste) based on sustainability. In waste chats we've been talking a lot about how to dispose of items, which is key, but it's not the only solution. Is recycling a solution? Or does recycling make us feel good?

A front line measure of sustainability is prevention, like we see on the pyramid above. Refusing and holding conversation about unnecessary waste. Does a cucumber need plastic wrap? Does a banana need plastic wrap? Don't they kind of have packaging already, made by nature.

From there go onto reducing, and then reusing. Okay I have the waste I have, what can I do with it. A cupboard full of glass jars, anyone?

Think of the three r's. Reduce, reuse, recycle. Remember to reduce and reuse, then recycle.

Paper bag from baked good take out - If you haven't had a treat from Selby's Bunker lately, close your screen and go there now. It's so good. All of it. Any of it. the treat I got, a croissant baked with bacon and egg, came in a paper bag. The bag was soiled by the time I was done eating so it belonged in the organics bin. Paper in the paper recycling should be clean and dry.

Paper clips on bread bags - have you seen these yet? I got my first bag his week! I also made a two pans of homemade rolls this week. *Chefs kiss*

Cans (canned food) - plastic (blue) recycling bag. I made garbage soup, which is soup made with thing sin the fridge that need to be eaten. That day I called it minestrone. I added a can of diced tomatoes and a can of black beans to the soup too. The can of tomatoes was rinsed because the soup needed more liquid, and the can of beans was lightly rinsed. The bean gunk a the bottom is just .. so gunky to get out. I'm decided not to waste more water in fighting with beans and put the two cans in the plastic recycling. The good news? When the cans are recycled they'll be melted, and when they're melted the labels and food remains will burn off. When the plastics / metals are sorted, baled, and sold on the commodity market, there is a small amount of contamination allotted per bale. It's best practice to rinse cans. It's very important to rinse plastics. When the plastics are melted down to be recycled, the labels and food remains melt into the plastic and gunk it up. Picture tossing a handful of lint into a ball of play dough. Not cute.

Did you know all metal cans (including aluminum and steel) are infinitely recyclable?

Plastic bag from pasta - it was pasta from Costco. I stretched the bag to see if it would stretch. It wouldn't stretch and there was no labeling on it to make me think it was recyclable. It was garbage, but the soup wasn't! The soup was delicious.









Yeah I'm shouting. Those are like, the seven best things. OH and ice cream.

Well I spent a long time browsing plants and watching chicken TV. Our chickens, 20 week laying hens, are still on track to arrive in June, which means we should probably move the coop into place soon. I bought a coop off Marketplace that someone built and never used. It looks like a mini-barn, is solid, and seems to be pest proof. It's adorable, which I'm totally sure the chickens care about.

Anyway, this place is adorable. 10/10 would spend a day there again.

Not to bury this fun side story, but we also went to Laurie Park. It was also beautiful. In a quiet, middle of the woods near a lake, kind of way. The squirrels were very friendly and apparently very hungry because they came pretty close every time we turned our backs to them.

Well, now that it's Spring, the heat is turned off and my hands are cold. See you next week!

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