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Weekend Round Up - April 27, 2022

Sewing Woes, Books As Usual, 1000 Hour Check In.

This weekend was a busy one, mostly spent outside. Which means I wasn't on my phone much and don't have much to report. Here's for a quick easy breezy weekend round up.

Sewing Woes

Let me lead with this: I've had the same winter coat for a decade. My mother had the same sewing machine for ... I'm not sure if she reads this ... a f e w (re: many) decades. She graciously gifted me the heirloom *ahem* Dino Kenmore sewing machine. I've used this sewing machine to mend my winter coat year after year instead of replacing it. I'm big on mending, fixing, toiling, what I can until I can't. When I'm at my wit's end then I'll replace items. I'm kind of stubborn.

This weekend I wanted to mend another piece of clothing. As it should, my body has changed, and I needed the shape of the piece of clothing to change in order to continue serving me. I hauled out the 1000 pound sewing machine. Threaded the beast, took a deep breath, and started on a practice piece.

The world whispered "no, not today sweetie".

The needle bent on two pieces of cotton.

Okay. Weird? 'No worries' I thought. 'I'll just gently guide it back to where it should be'.

"I think not" the world said a little louder.

The needle broke.

Oh. Okay.

I fired in a new needle and tried again to mend. It wasn't cute but it worked.

Books As Usual

I finished off A Good Girl's Guide to Murder, without a crumb left. That was a great book.

I also started this month's bookclub book: A Kind of Freedom. It's good so far. I like that bookclub stretches my reading horizon.

My poor Libby waitlist. I have 19 books on hold. Next up I plan to finish The Hidden Life of Trees. This was one of those books I wanted to absorb every word. I wanted to read and reread every bit because it's just so interesting. I took a break from reading it because life got fast, but I'm going to drive back in and slowly enjoy it again.

1000 Hour Check In.

Someone is very excited about the hours spent outside. We're currently sitting at 55 hours spent outside since January 2, 2022. The last couple of weeks have really helped us rack up hours.

Some days are easier than others. On this particular day I wore a t-shirt outside at lunch but by supper time it was cold gear.

The to-be-garden has been keeping us busy outside too; I've been weeding it a bit. The soil (under the laid garden soil) is so workable it's been making it an easy go.

We also visited Hatfield Farms, which was time outside well spent! I loved seeing the hens running around.

Bonus Plants

Here we have kale, string of hearts, swiss cheese, and a goldfish plant. The plant shelf and seedlings have taken off. It's very planty up in here. I believe I've started all the indoor seeds I need to. Now it's a matter of moving them to cups .. finding the space for them, and transplanting them outside after the last frost.

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