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Weekend Round Up - April 19, 2022

Seeds, Books, Soil, GRIDDLE.

If you're like 'wait a second, where's the Weekend Round Up for April 12,22' ?

I've got bad news.

There isn't one.

Why? Nothing happened. We had a cold and we did nothing. And that's okay.


Now I'm back and as happy as Cafe Disco Mike.


The indoor seedlings are coming right along. Except cauliflower. Out of a whole packet of cauliflower seeds, ONE sprouted. Broccoli and lettuce just sprouted and look adorable. Tomatoes, peppers, Brussel sprouts, kale, lemons all look great.

Here is a quick glance at the bebes.

Okay, if you're thinking 'wow, that's a lot of plastic Chelsey'. I am too. Hear me out.

I've never done this before. This seemed like a method of growing my own food that I could handle. I plan to reuse the cups next year - they won't be single use. I'm also reminded of the quote 'we don't need everyone doing sustainability perfectly, we need everyone doing sustainability imperfectly'. AKA I can't be perfect. I have tried and felt terrible able myself for not being zero waste. I make every effort in effort avenue I reasonably can (and some are hard), and bless and release what I cannot do. I'm also open to feedback. If there's a more sustainable way to do seedlings indoors I genuinely would love to hear it.


An interesting conversation come up on Instagram. Do you finish a book that you're not enjoying?

I used to, until we talked through it. I was reading Under a White Sky: The Nature of the Future and wasn't enjoying it. People said 'life's too short to read books we don't enjoy' and I liked that. I was being stubborn before and finish it because it felt like quitting otherwise - and I think that has a time and place, but not in books. Now I'm onto A Good Girl's Guide to Murder and it's been a great read. The Chicken Sisters was a cute, easy read.


And lots of it.

A load of garden soil was delivered and we moved it. That's like a really boiled down version because it was hard and fun moving it.

Half of the garden is pictured below, which has since been built up with more soil. I can't wait to get out there and plant.


The griddle arrived. THE griddle arrived.

"I didn't expect to see you so soon" said the sales person when I arrived within 30 minutes of receiving an email that the griddle was available for pickup.

I'm purposefully not sharing a picture because I want to detail it separately. Our trusty electricians from Pevco will be coming soon to install the proper plug. Stay tuned for many updates about the griddle as I move my workspace AND change how I produce the beeswax wraps.

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