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The Hive to Home Network: Fabric

Enter the third component of the HTH Network: Fabric!

Chelsey buys her fabric from Fabricville on Bayers Road. A labyrinth of aisles, patterns and textures, Chelsey selects only 100% cotton fabrics, those with an absorbent thickness and without a shiny veneer. Pattern comes second to quality, with the only criteria being that variety is best (staring at the same pattern isn’t so much fun!). Chelsey buys the fabric by the metre, and sometimes in huge batches (on unfortunate occasions such as the Bedford Fabricville’s liquidation sale).

Once home, the fabrics are washed using soap nuts from EcoSuds, which are biodegradable and reusable laundry detergent pods. After a run through a cold wash and a spin through the dryer, Chelsey irons each roll of fabric, and hangs them until they’re ready for the next step in the process: cutting and waxing!

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