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The Bluewood Escape - A Cabin Getaway in Nova Scotia

Updated: Feb 13

Welcome to The Bluewood Escape, Your Next Getaway in Nova Scotia

Quick facts:

  • 2 Bedrooms

    • One queen bed, one double bed

  • 1 Bath

    • double sink, full bathtub and shower (suitable for kids)

  • 4 Guests

  • Pet Friendly

    • Dishes, leads, blankets

  • Ayslesford Lake, Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia

  • Wood stove and firewood

  • Kitchen supplies are fully stocked (fridge, stove, oven, double sink, microwave, coffee maker, kettle, pots, pans, dishes)

  • Wifi and smart TV

  • Cozy blankets for the couch

  • Outdoor fire pit, BBQ, games kayaks

  • Lovely host!! Jade recently moved direct booking to help guests see on fees. As a previous Airbnb super host she boasts a 4.8 rating (and I can easily see why, she's a thoughtful host!)

  • Stay tuned for Jade's next adventure! Follow @thesoulstead to stay up to date, I'lol be sure to share as well at @hivetohomens


Rexy and I took a little stay-cation and enjoyed a night at The Bluewood Escape. Located in Aylesford, about 30 minutes to Kentville or New Minas, the cabin was easy to find and felt like a rural retreat. The parking space is ample, you could easily bring a boat or ATV on a trailer to park.

The cabin is darling. Outside, there are kayaks, a BBQ, a fire pit, lots of beautiful trees, and the cabin feels private.

You enter the cabin to an entryway with a bench, yoga mats, outdoor games, and mats for your winter boots.

The kitchen is bright and well stocked with things you need. One thing I learned was that guests are asked not to leave behind leftover food. You may think it's helpful but the host legally can't save it for the next guests. The rules of the cabin are laid out in the binder on the kitchen table. The table of contents was a quick reference point for where to find the answers to my questions. I don't know about anyone else but I take great pride in trying to be a great customer so I referenced the rules often just to make sure I was doing it right. Jade was also super responsive when I checked in with her.

There are two bedrooms. Rexy and I stayed in the bedroom at the back of the cabin closer to the fireplace. Listen, that bed was lush. Hear me? lush. It was comfier than my own bed. Jade had thoughtfully placed a basket with starter, kindling, and some logs inside, so soon after arriving I made a fire. Once it was going (yay!) I brought some wood in to keep it going. Again, Jade has thought of the guests' experience and placed wood just outside the back door, covered on a rack so you are two steps away from more wood. This is also where a dog lead is. Rex needed a middle of the night potty break so I was able to just clip her on the lead and watch from the window. One thing I'll mention is that I did clean up after Rexy outside.

While the fire crackled, Rex and I laid on the couch, read a book, The Bittlemores if you're curious, and did nothing. Glorious.

At bed time, I drew the blinds, and we were in the dark with the crackling fire the only noise we could hear. I had one last peek out of the kitchen window before bed, and watched the snow fall slowly and silently.

I slept until noon and I don't regret a single second of it. Rex and I forced ourselves out of bed, made a fire, and I ate a hot breakfast at the kitchen table. I ate a hot breakfast, start to finish, in silence, and watched the snow fall outside the kitchen table window. The cabin has many windows, it['s bright, airy, and cozy at the same time.

I had a quick shower, started another book, Strange Sally Diamond, then started to pack up. We had a pretty good snow system moving in, and while I was supposed to stay again, the right call was to head home before the snow moved in. The instructions for how to leave the cabin were also easy.

I'd love to visit again in the summer. Jade has kayaks at the cabin, and the area is beautiful. It's a beautiful area to explore, and the lake is close by. Being only 30 minutes into town also makes it easy to explore the Annapolis Valley. The wineries, the shops, the food scene. The Frenchy's in Coldbrook is one of my favourites.

I totally recommend choosing Jade as a host!

Rexy a black and white Boston Terrier lays on a blue dog bed
Meet Rexy, my 9 year old Boston Terrier and buddy. She's ready to go! (we weren't driving yet here)

snow falls slowly outside of a dark cabin
Watching snow fall out of the kitchen window before bed

Thank you for gifting me my stay Bluewood, I thoroughly and honestly enjoyed myself.

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