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Sourdough Covers - Now Available

Cover your sourdough starter with a Hive to Home sourdough cover and make something special!

I was so excited when Jade from The Soulstead asked me to make these, what a wonderful idea and alternative to paper towel. Jade explained that she was using paper towel on her sourdough jars and was looking for something reusable; “People could put the fabric on then set the ring on and keep it covered but allow air flow”. Just like the beeswax wraps, another product is born out of necessity. You can find Hive to Home’s sourdough covers at The Soulstead’s market. Check out their Instagram for more information. Ps - check out The Soulstead; their Instagram bio describes them as "a mother and daughter duo regenerating 7 acres. Organic, small scale, permaculture". Their Instagram is such a wealth of knowledge. Honestly, I learn something every time I check in. Jade shows a ton of low waste tips and different ways to use food. Reducing food waste is key. Today I learned how to use a broccoli stem, cool. I'll say it any chance I get, support local farmers. Learn from them, support them by visiting, checking out their produce/products, liking/sharing their content, lifting them up. There are many ways we can support farmers with our dollars, and with our moral/social support.

Click to learn more about the options:

Benefits of Hive to Home Sourdough covers:

  • easy to use

  • easy to clean

  • easy to reuse

  • have pinked edges to reduce fraying

  • perfect for covering mason jars (widemouth too!)

  • perfect for covering fermented goodies like kombucha s

  • 100% cotton

  • washed in soap nuts and hand cut, just for you

  • tags are cut from 100% post-consumer boxboard (cereal boxes and other food packaging that would otherwise be waste)

  • Logos are stamped with a stamp made by R&M Stamps in Burnside, Nova Scotia

  • Patterns are always changing!


Sourdough Cover - Standard

A great place to start, one 5"x5" sourdough cover. Try out this reusable alternative to see if reusable sourdough covers are for you.


Sourdough Cover - Widemouth

If you prefer to start your sourdough in a widemouth jar, a widemouth cover is a great addition! Cut to 6"x6" with enough overhang to make it easy to cap, a widemouth sourdough starter makes sourdough more sustainable (compared to using paper towel).


Sourdough Cover - Standard (TWO pack)

Already a savy sourdough baker? or ready to jump in with two feet? A pack of two 5"x5" sourdough covers could be right for you!


Sourdough Cover - Widemouth (TWO pack)

Ready to go all in? Two wide mouth sourdough covers, 6"x6" each, which can be used on widemouth jars AND regular jars (they'll just have a little extra overhang, no biggy).

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