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September 2021 Recap

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Fall is in the air and beeswax wraps are out the door 🍂

Here’s how we spent September.

First, this colourful batch went to Anther and Apiary.

I’m always learning new ways people using the beeswax wraps. Suzanne of Anther and Apiary was telling me about a wine club using the 2” wraps to welcome new members and to cover wine bottles. Love that.

Next I popped into Selby’s Bunker to restock. I love plants and have a plant bucket list. While I was at Selby’s I picked up a Burrow’s Tail which has been on my plant bucket list forever! I also grabbed a coffee with pumpkin spice, which I don’t have a picture of because I inhaled it.

Then I went to Luminate Wellness Co for some package free jojoba. I use jojoba oil on the beeswax wraps to help keep them supple and easily worked. I love that I can get it package free at the a local store with the nicest staff.

To finish off September I hopped downtown to drop off beeswax wraps to Inkwell Boutique. Ah, the afternoon light in there is so nice. Inkwell has so many local products, you’re sure to recognize some of the maker’s names.

We also hosted a giveaway on Instagram where three people each won a set of wraps!

Three sets of round beeswax wraps sit between a collection of plants

On a personal note, I finished reading Sadie, and Sylvia Plath: A Biography. Now I'm onto The Bell Jar. Today on Marketplace I scored a collection of Sylvia Path poetry books and a number of Ted Hughes books. I can't wait to dig into them. I usually use Hoopla, which is The Halifax Public Library's phone app for audiobooks. Something about poetry makes me feel the need for a tangible book though.

A collection of Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes books scored secondhand off Marketplace

Thanks for reading!

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