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Sackville Litter Pick Up - 2019

On Sunday May 26, 2019 join us for a super duper fun litter pick up! We’ll be out from noon until 4 p.m.

Please stop by for any amount of time as any help is appreciated. Let’s clean up some waste, take pride in our town, and help out our waterways.

Don’t worry about supplies but please do dress for the occasion. See you there!

*this is all thanks to the Great Nova Scotia Pick-Me-Up!

We’ll meet where the star is on Kingfisher Lane. There is parking there and you’ll see a small Halifax Water building. Click here is a link to the map.

We’ll tidy along Metropolitan Ave, down a bit of Kingfisher Way, up Metropolitian to First Lake, down First Lake until the centre (just that first wooded area there), and then along the beautiful path that runs from Kingfisher Way to Glendale. That path runs along First Lake and has A LOT of waste on it.

I also spoke to Steve Craig who recommended the area across from Taiso on First Lake. They just cut the trees back there and it’s exposed a lot of waste. I suggest if we have time we pop over but I think we have a lot of ground to cover already.

Share the Facebook event, the link yo this page, invite your friends, put it on a billboard. See you there! 😎

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