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Perfectly Imperfect Wraps - IN STOCK

Rescue a beeswax wrap that has a little extra character.

What is a perfectly imperfect beeswax wrap?

Hive to Home's beeswax wraps are all made by hand. Sometimes in the process of making wraps, fabric gets bunched and cuts funny, fabric comes with a mark on it, too much oil is on the wrap and a spot appears in the waxing process, or human error (hi, I'm a real human).

Perfectly imperfect wraps may have a mark or be a size that isn't standardly offered. The perfectly imperfect wraps offer the same quality at a discount.

Offering perfectly imperfect wraps reduces waste because the 'errors' are not being discarded, in addition to reducing waste by reducing food waste while in use. They also offer you a chance to try, or purchase more, wraps at a discounted rate while feeling good about your purchase.

Be sure to check back often as perfectly imperfect stock rotates quickly.

Also be sure to check out free shipping!

You can find perfectly imperfect wraps by searching "perfectly imperfect" in the search bar, or check out the items below:

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