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Ordering and Shipping

Hive to Home shipping is super easy. Within the last month Hive to Home beeswax wraps have been shipped to British Columbia, Alberta, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, and throughout Nova Scotia. To order wraps visit the 'Shop' page Add the product(s) you like to your cart. View your cart, enter a promo code if applicable, select your payment, delivery information, and voila. There are discounts for different sets, and for orders over a certain amount - all of which is listed on the ‘Shop’ page. Shipping is easy peasy with flat fee shipping. Current shipping rates are: Canada: 1-3 wraps: $5 4-9 wraps: $7 United States of America: up to 6 wraps: $10. Wraps are typically sent within three business days (most often they are sent the next business day) and are delivered according to Canada Post's timelines. I also tuck a hand written ‘thank you’ into the package because I know it’s choice to buy local.

If you are around Halifax, Nova Scotia and would rather pickup your wrap(s) feel free to make a note in your order and we'll chat. I love meeting the folks who purchase wraps!

Be sure to check out how to care for your wraps on the 'About' page

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