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Making Dough With a Beeswax Wrap

Updated: Feb 12

Our dream is to have egg laying hens, grow our veggies, fruits, and herbs, and to make more food from scratch / ourselves. For Christmas my husband gifted me a mixer, which will help us make more food from scratch. So, I got right to work. My first project was a cake and it was a big fail. It came out of the oven looking like two circles of ground beef. Bleh.

This round red circular cakes look like ground beef instead of yummy cake.

But BUT I was so happy to have made something.

Chelsey holds the two red circular cakes on a blue plate. She's smiling and looks very happy.

After the holidays settled down I decided to take another crack at making something.

Enter: pizza.

First thing I learned, read the recipe and follow it. Which meant I had to go buy new yeast. News to me: bread machine yeast and active dry yeast are different. I’ve got the hang of making bread in the bread machine. The loaves are consistent, predictable, and delicious, but I hadn’t made pizza dough before.

I checked out the mixer’s recipe book. Peep the second last paragraph “cover the bowl with plastic wrap and let rise”. Uh oh. We haven’t had plastic wrap in the home for 4 years. So I decided to use a 10” round beeswax wrap to cover the bowl.

I covered the mixing bowl with the ball of dough inside of it and put it into the pantry to rise.

An hour later I checked on it.

It worked perfectly!

Worth noting, I've been using this beeswax wrap for years. I *might* have rewaxed it once, I can't say for certain, but it's been a trusty wraps for years.

The dough rose, it was fluffy, we rolled it out it made two pizzas, topped it with pesto, spinach, tomatoes and mozzarella. *chefs kiss*. The dough was crunchy, but also soft, tasty, even, and was eaten all in one sitting. Surely a good sign.

If you try this, I'd love to hear how it went!

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