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I have a wrap, now what?

Updated: Nov 18, 2018

Okay, you've made the (green) plunge and acquired a beeswax wrap. Congratulations and welcome, now what? There are many ways to use a beeswax wrap including different folds and covers. Some people prefer to use the warmth from their hands to fold the wraps while some prefer to fold and maybe tie the wrap with string. I like to fold my wraps using my hands which warms the wax and it sticks to itself.

This little fold is a super easy way to cover a few bites. It could cover small items: nuts, seeds, small fruit or veggies and it could be used on to go, in the fridge, or on the counter at home. I packed these little broccoli bits for the road and tucked them in my purse.

The wrap can cling to the top of a bowl or tupperware container. This sweet rosy wrap is covering my vegan butter 'chicken' tofu and rice. Drool. I tucked this into the fridge and swiftly devoured it the next day.

The wraps are flexible and can be folded neatly or crumpled and moulded.

Beeswax has antibacterial / antimicrobial properties against several bacterial strains and against yeast. More on that in the next post.

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