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Groceries - February 2019 - Week 2

Each week we spend $60 on groceries and here I write about how I plan it and what recipes we make. We also budget only $40 in gas for those interested in taht.

A Recap of What We Ate:

Sunday: smoothies, coffee, cereal, high protein pancakes, leftover perogies, leftover pasta

Monday: smoothies, coffee, cereal, high protein pancakes, salmon, string beans, corn, ciabatta bun with homemade hummus.

Tuesday: oatmeal, leftover pasta, smoothies, coffee, bagels with vegan butter, leftover salmon and veggies, buns with homemade hummus, roasted sliced potatoes 9 spice mix, Parmesan roasted carrots, rice vermicelli noodles with yellow curry sauce and cashews, peppers, onions, and shredded carrots.

Wednesday: bagels with vegan butter and peanut butter, coffee, Oh She Glows Banana Bread Muffin Tops, left over vermicelli noodles, left over potatoes, mac and cheese, soup.

Thursday: bagel with regular butter, coffee. banana bread muffin tops, shepherd's pie and caesar salad thanks to my amazing in-laws.

Friday: bagel with regular butter, coffee, banana bread muffin tops, chicken caesar salad, seafood chowder thanks to my amazing in-laws.

Saturday: pancakes and peanut butter, coffee, chicken caesar salad sandwich, tuna sandwich, *went out for supper which comes out of a different fund than groceries

Sunday: pancakes and peanut butter, rice vermicelli with peppers, onions, cashews, peanut butter, broth and Worcestershire sauce, cabbage roll casserole thanks to my sweet fam.

A Recap of What We Bought:


$2.99 - 10 lb Potatoes - purchased

$1.69 - Rice vermicelli - purchased

$2.99 - Romaine hearts - purchased

Also purchased:

$3.49 -Yellow peppers from the 'eat today' rack

$4.99 - Variety pack of bread from the 'eat today' rack

Total planned ~ $8

Total spent - $16.14


$2.99 - Salmon - unavailable when I went so I purchased two packs of salmon fillets. One was $6.04 with a discount of $3.00 and the other was $4.90 with a discount of $2.00.

$0.99 - Ragu pasta sauce - unavailable when I went so I purchased a bag of penne for $0.99

$0.89 - Compliments mac and cheese (we prefer it over brand name! but we eat it with brussels sprouts on the side so we may be weird) - purchased

$1.99 - Campbells Every Day Gourmet soup - purchased

Total planned ~ $11

Total spent - $10.33

I said I was going to check out hummus at Sobeys. It was $3.49 each and was buy two get one free. Instead of purchasing those for $7 I made my own using a $0.99 can of chickpeas, cumin, coconut oil, and lemon juice. It was delicious and I regret nothing.


$0.87 - Tuna - purchased

Also purchased a 2lb bag of apples from the eat today rack.

Total planned ~ $2

Total spent - $3.47

Giant Tiger

$3 - 6 Avocados (if not on an 'eat today' rack somewhere else) - did not purchase

$3 - Salad mix - did not purchase

$3 - 6 Tomatoes - did not purchase

Total planned ~$9

Total spent - $0 - I didn't go before the flyer ended. I'll check out the new flyer Thursday and plan around that.


$16.99 - Olive oil - unplanned

$13.99 - Trail mix - unplanned

$7.99 - Chicken - unplanned

Total unplanned - $38.97

WHAT HAPPENED HERE? I sent my husband off to purchase one item. One suggestion? Designate one person do the planning and purchasing. Husband, I love you, stick to the budget please.

Spending Summary February Week 1:

Total budget: $60

Amount spent: $68. 91

Yup, over budget the first week.

What Week 2 Looks Like:


$7 - 2 for $7 Flatbread pizzas - purchased

Total planned ~ $7

Total spent - $7.00


$1.77 - Carrots

$1.77 - Onions

$2.99 - Frozen veggies

$3.69 - Almond milk

Total planned ~ $10.22

Total spent ~ $11


Keeping an eye out for 'eat today' produce

Total planned ~ $

Giant Tiger

New flyer is out Tuesday so I'll check then.

Total planned ~ $

What meals does this look like?

Last week we were gifted with more with meals than usual so I still have some items left over from last week. Which is exciting because the $8 I (ahem, he) overspent last week has to come out of another week's budget.

  • Oh She Glows Crispy Smashed Potatoes. I'll keep an eye out for avocados on 'eat today' racks in the stores. I've seen them at Walmart 5 for $1.00. You can cut up and freeze avocados! In a recipe like this you're going to blend them so pieces are okay.

  • Broth - it's not a meal but I'm going to make vegetable broth and chicken broth.

  • Toasted tomato sandwiches. Stay with me here: toast bread, put mayo or butter on bread (I slather mine in hot sauce too), lettuce (or chopped cucumber or celery), and pepper.

  • Parm roasted carrots - I haven't used this recipe and I don't use bread crumbs on mine but I wanted to give a recipe for context.

  • Quinoia chili

  • Homemade bread - I'll keep an eye out for 'eat today' greens and make routons out of the bread. Then I'll dip bread into chili drool

  • Roasted veggies from frozen

That'll get us through until the second half of the week when the flyers roll over.

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