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Caring for Beeswax Wraps

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Hive to Home creates beeswax wraps as a sustainable, renewable, and friendly alternative to plastic.

Patterns, shapes, sizing, are flexible and changing - because they're made by hand no two are the same.

Fabric is hand washed with EcoSuds Soap Nuts , air dried, and ironed.

The wraps are made with beeswax from Cosman & Whidden Nova Scotia Honey, which is

located in the beautiful Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia, Canada and package free jojoba oil from Luminate Wellness.

This local beeswax isn't bleached and gives the wraps a fresh yellow tint.

An easy alternative to plastic, sandwich bags, and some plastic containers, wraps also smell delicious.

Use the warmth from your hands to form the wrap or fold and tie it.


Safe for the fridge or left out (avoid direct sunlight / direct heat/ raw meat. Heat can pull the wax off the wrap). Rinse with room temp/ cold water.

Wraps can be rewaxed any time.


If you’re going to use the warmth of your hands to form them around food, scrunching them up first helps.

Don’t be shy about crumpling them! Some people prefer to fold them around food and use the string the hold the wrap in place. I like to crumble mine right after I make them and then use the warmth of my hands to form them every time.

When the wax on the wrap has become tired or worn off, the wrap can be rewaxed or used as a reusable cotton kitchen wipe.

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A wooden box of Nova Scotian strawberries sit on a wooden table beside a 13”x13” tan beeswax wrap which is tied with a string and holds more strawberries

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