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Boxboard Business Cards

Updated: Jan 16

Did you know we make our own business cards?

In the name of reducing waste, my sweet Grandmother saves me her boxboard. She saves cereal boxes, cracker boxes, and they're turned into business cards. Why use new paper to promote a low waste solution?

We had a stamp made at R&M Rubber Stamp Co in Burnside, Nova Scotia (super fast and really well done) with our logo and website and it’s proven to be incredibly versatile. The stamp has lasted years and works as well as day one. The stamp replaces stickers, packaging from virgin sources, and headlines each handwritten ‘thank you’ we tuck in orders.

At each step, we’ve tried to look around and see where we could reduce waste while running a business a who we could support locally. We were able to do both with tags by diverting the boxboard from the organics bin or paper recycling while supporting a local company. If you’ve toured these facilities locally then you know the sheer volume of material being collected. Also, by making the tags ourselves we’re also sidestepping the shipping/ transit of buying new tags.

Here’s a little clip of how the cards are made:

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